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Constantinos Doxiadis
Constantinos Doxiadis
Divercity architects were inspired by Doxiadis’ philosophy in converting his former headquarters into 21st century residences. Maintaining the elegant simplicity of the structure, the new design is faithful to the legacy of this landmark, but forward-looking in its cutting-edge design, innovative use of materials, and ability to respond to the modern lifestyle. Converting offices into homes calls for more versatile, private, and composite spaces.

Using the fa├žade as a canvas, the architects replaced the original modular grid with three different materials to distinguish the interior spaces. Private areas are covered in opaque panels of marble – a snapshot of the landscape imprinted onto the building.

Translucent concrete that both reveals and conceals is used for the mid-zones – an interactive shadow theatre created by the movement of inhabitants and passers-by. Glass is used extensively to let in the light and maximise the fabulous views – a window into an exclusive world. The building is transformed by day and by night, thanks to the subtle interplay of light and shadow and the choreography of movement within and without.

As the only coherent residential block downtown, ONE ATHENS embodies Doxiadis’ vision of an idealised metropolis, or Entopia, that would provide for small communities within big cities. In this spirit, the entire ground floor is dedicated to communal spaces and amenities leading off the marble-clad atrium.

Networking opportunities abound in these five-star facilities where residents can have a massage, hold a meeting, or get to know their neighbour’s children in the playroom.

Since individuality is as important as a sense of community, each of the 26 apartments is unique. Thanks to its grand scale, ONE ATHENS can accommodate a variety of homes to suit different lifestyles: apartments, duplexes, penthouses, and townhouses. Wherever possible, spaces are open-plan to make the most of the show-stopping views in every direction.